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Justine Blau, welcome brunch, 2023 © Danie Chabot

Welcome brunch
SundayDecember 17, 11h


Justine Blau is a visual artist who adopts a multidisciplinary approach, combining sculpture, installation, photography and video. Through her work, she addresses ontological questions about the relationship between humans and nature, images and the living world. She observes nature through the prism of Man, and is interested in how science shapes this perception of the world, but also of ourselves. She recently completed the video project PHUSIS, in which the soap bubble is used as a metaphor for natural phenomena. Produced by the Film Fund du Luxembourg, this work is part of a recent series of collaborations with magicians.

During her residency at Fonderie Darling and La Gare de Matapédia, Justine Blau will pursue her research into the topic of solastalgia, or the psychic or existential distress of certain individuals faced with the destruction of the natural world. Through collaborative work in the form of recordings, photographs and videos, she will interrogate different conceptions of nature that exist outside of the Western dogma of modernity, as they relate to the subjects of genesis and animacy inherent to Indigenous worldviews. Arriving in Quebec at a moment where the impact of climate change is deeply felt, she wonders about the impact of recent forest fires on the landscapes and the stories that are embedded in the land. She asks: what do we do when landscapes leave us ?

BIOGRAPHYThe works of Justine Blau have been  exhibited in Luxembourg and Europe, including VIDA INERTE at the Centre Nei Liicht in Dudelange, a project that will be collected in a publication THE VEIL OF NATURE, to be published this autumn by K.Verlag in Berlin. In 2019 she was in artist residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. She also focuses on creating public artworks as part of 1% commissions. She has a master's degree in sculpture from Wimbledon Sculpture of Art, from the University of the Arts London.

New Minett, de Terres rouges en terres rouges, group exhibition, Compagnie Eddie Van Tsui, Konschthal, Esch-sur-Alzette, LU

SOMA, public commission, tombée de métier, Cité internationale de la tapisserie, Aubusson, FR 
Retour de Babel II, group exhibition, Galerie Nei Liicht et Dominique, Lang, Dudelange, LU

Je suis un morceau de paysage, group exhibition, solo show, Annexe Esch22, Esch-sur-Alzette, LU
Rethinking Nature, European Month of Photography, group exhibition, Cercle cité, LU

Vida Inerte, solo exhibition, Nei Liicht, Dudelange, LU

Reanimation, duo exhibition with Mireille Gros, Ein Ferster inmitten der Welt, Murrhardt, DE

Prix d'art Robert Schuman, group exhibition, Metz, FR

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