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This current visual arts project highlights the local heritage by integrating artist residencies, exhibition spaces and mediation activities with the aim of creating a meeting place around art. This exchange project offers both a place of creation outside metropolitan areas and an influence in urban areas according to the needs of artists.

For a 3rd edition of this cross-residency program, Vaste et Vague and Quartier Éphémère invite artists to apply for a 3-month residency at the Matapédia station for artists living outside the Gaspesian region and at the Fonderie Darling for artists from Gaspésie.

In Matapédia, the workshop is located at the train station and the accommodations, independent and central, are located in the village. At the Fonderie Darling, in a small industrial complex west of Old Montreal, the artist occupies one of the studio-housings intended for artists in residence. 

The four residencies of three months each will be carried out, between the month of August 2023 and the month of June 2024. These periods were chosen in order to align with the school calendar in the goal of developing educational activities with schools on the one hand, and occupying a less crowded niche with a view to revitalizing and extending the tourist season on the other. If in Gaspésie, this is an opportunity for artists to fully experience their northernness,  in Montreal, these periods correspond to an intense activity of the cultural scene.


December 1, 2023 to March 14, 2024 

or March 15 to June 15, 2024

Housed in a former industrial foundry, the Fonderie Darling has large spaces and offers inspiring facilities for creation and production. The artists benefit from a studio of approximately 60 m2, equipped with a kitchen area, access to production workshops including a workshop for wood, metal, ceramics and CNC cutting.

The residency at te Fonderie Darling includes: 

• Round-trip train ticket to Montreal

• 12-week residential workshop at the Darling Foundry

• Weekly allowance of $400 CAD for 12 weeks

• Production budget of $1500 CAD

• CAD $3,000 fee

• Fee of CAD $350 for public program activities

• Access to production workshops 

• Promotion and support program


August 1 to October 31, 2023  

January 1 to March 31, 2024 

As part of this residency, artists benefit from a spacious and inspiring studio in la Gare de Matapédia, a heritage building in the heart of a region renowned for the majesty of its landscapes. Located outside metropolitan areas, this residency offers optimal conditions for research and creation, and the opportunity to meet the welcoming Gaspesian community.

The residence at the Gare de Matapédia includes: 

  • Round-trip train ticket to Gaspésie

  • 12-week workshop at the Gare de Matapédia and accommodation in the village

  • Weekly allowance of CAD $400 for 12 weeks

  • Production budget of $1500 CAD

  • CAD $3,000 fee

  • CAD $350 fee for public program activities

  • Access to production workshops possible

  • Promotion and support program



Artists who apply to this program must submit a complete file via the application form  no later than midnight March 31, 2023 (UTC-4 Eastern Time). Only complete applications submitted via the form  will be taken into account. 

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