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Robin-Dimitrije Gosselin-Monasevic is an artist whose primary mediums are sculpture, performance, and short film. His works, often created from assemblages of construction materials and various recycled elements, take the form of large collages. Materials and objects have an infinite potential for transformation, decomposition, rearrangement, and reassembly. The absurdity of everyday life, the social, illusion, and false paradigms are the foundations of his practice. His works stem from reflections on the concepts of identity and social forces; pressure, influence, disillusionment, astonishment, and absurdity.


During his residency at the Matapédia Station, Robin-Dimitrije Gosselin-Monasevic is developing an interactive, immersive, and mobile installation imitating the rudimentary aesthetics of a shed. This installation will include a hut taking the form of a mobile laboratory located outside the station. This project connects technologies and architectural structures, imagining them as human extensions that propose an alternative and critically creative use of their overstimulating effect. Thus, the artist creates an augmented reality that, with a certain absurdity, provokes a critical view of overstimulation and control, where the spectators themselves trigger the events.

Robin-Dimitrije Gosselin-Monasevic is a sculptor from Lévis, Quebec. He graduated with a bachelor's degree from the University of Hertfordshire in 2016 and a master's degree in sculpture from the Royal College of Art in London in 2019. He now practices in Lévis. Robin-Dimitrije works with found, recycled, and raw materials. Through his work, he explores the concepts of identity and social forces of pressure, influence, disillusionment, astonishment, and absurdity. These concepts are also manifested through theatrical performances. His works reflect our daily alienations, but also the perseverance to continue, the effort, and the desire for understanding. Robin-Dimitrije received the Moulin La Lorraine Award in 2013, the Peter Arnold Prize in 2016, won the Lévis Cultural Diffusion Art Competition in 2017, and received a distinction for his master's thesis in 2018 titled: What the hell is going on around here?


Seul les arbres se souviennent, solo exhibition, Domaines des feux-follets, Quebec

Group exhibition, International Bad Video Art Festival, Moscow, Russia
The Shop Front, group exhibition, 286 Caledonian Road, London, United Kingdom
Vision 3K, solo exhibition, Regart Center for Contemporary Art, Lévis

Petting Zoo, group exhibition, Hockney Gallery, London, United Kingdom
Roger in HD, solo exhibition, Regart Center for Contemporary Art, Lévis

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